July 16, 2008

The weather was beautiful all weekend. Then Sunday night the torrential downpour and explosive thunder and lightning left us shaking in the tent. Luckily we didn’t blow away.

LIGHTS!! excite me

July 16, 2008

I don’t know. If I’d wanted to hear this garbage, I’d have turned on the radio… so here’s a picture for the sole purpose of my complaints.

Gov’t Mule

July 16, 2008

Someone came all the way to Rothbury to see Dave Matthews Band.

Lidia and I climbed to the top of a platform in the middle of the crowd.  Sitting about twenty feet in the air, we had a great view of the stage.  The band played well, but someone should have shut off Dave’s mic between songs.  When he wasn’t mumbling incoherently, he communicated that “Someone must have put something in my coffee… girl, girl, girl… girl with hairy legs, girl.”

They played a cover of Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. Personally, I found this song to be the best of the set. All of the other songs took me back to eighth grade, and I’m not big on nostalgia.

The title says it all. A picture’s worth a thousand words. Even more.

As we exited the forest, the fourth of July fireworks display began erupting in front of us. What a spectacle it was. I’d begun to think this would be my first 4th without fireworks. Thankfully, I was mistaken.

More art by night.

Primus live. A true incantation.